The Music of Strangers


"MUSICALLY DELIGHTFUL! A first-rate music film capturing a restless desire to communicate... the spirit of hybrid creativity is infectious." - John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter

"AN IRRESISTIBLE KALEIDOSCOPE OF MUSIC AND GOOD FELLOWSHIP... Finds poetry in the ability of music to bring us home again, wherever we may travel." - Moira MacDonald, The Seattle Times

"A JOYOUS REVELATION, a group portrait of superb musicians from all over the world offering music as an emblem of what people can do in these fractious times when they live in concert with one another." - The Wall Street Journal

"...lovely to watch...even more BEAUTIFUL TO HEAR." - NY Times

"CONSISTENTLY ALIVE! So fun to watch. It's most insightful message: changing the world through music." - Tina Hassania,

"Offers an INSPIRING LOOK at creative people from very different walks of life who nonetheless communicate beautifully with one another. They don’t need to speak a common language: THEIR DAZZLING MUSIC SAYS IT ALL - Washington Post

"An AFFIRMATIVE ANSWER to Leonard Bernstein's question of whether music can truly serve as a 'UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE'." - Chicago Reader