Godzilla vs. Siren Head in real life 哥吉拉大戰警笛頭


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Actress –
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幕後花絮 behind the scene

音樂 Music (Romantic path Jordy Chandra)

Siren head roar sound

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  1. 葉式特工 Yes Ranger says

    Actress – https://www.instagram.com/lovepitw/
    Bonus scene after 09:10, enjoy
    please Subscribe !

  2. João game play says

    Foi de verdade

  3. fatmanurun dünyası says

    Bence yalan

  4. Saúl.E Guerrero.R says

    Es mentira

  5. 💙『Ultimate zex』💙 says

    The guy who made this video can u tell me its real pls

  6. Gabriel Vieira Oleinski says


  7. Gabriel Vieira Oleinski says

    amazing VIDEO

  8. C J G says

    Woah that's so real I said sarcasticly



  10. Ct Shaliza says

    0:12 😭😭😭 😱😱😱😱

  11. D Gamer says

    3:48 what is happening in this bit

  12. nico 725 says


  13. Ali Gamer says

    Teri Man ki aankh

  14. tornado says

    Our worst animation ever because a mix of horror and romance with drama and this giant alligator that was supposed to be a Godzilla but is actually an ugly spiny alligator that shoots laser Because in this video I have to be this dumb guy who instead of running he stopped to save an ugly girl and instead of using a missile he used a giant headset these guys were the ones I I thought it was dumb because instead of running into them they stayed there taking pictures to post on their status

  15. tornado says

    And why did the guy go to use a headset as a bullet and its easier to use a missile than a giant headset

  16. tornado says

    And this Godzilla is more like an alligator

  17. Jairo FERROA says


  18. Joãozinho games says


  19. tornado says

    these guys are really dumb, instead of them running away they stay there thinking everything is fine and take pictures to post on Facebook

  20. Khadija Sadiki says


  21. Silvy Balladares says


  22. kevinbarnes06 says

    People: Ahh what a nice day at the beach
    Godzilla: hello
    People: wtf

  23. Feyza Üstün says

    Bu gerçekmi

  24. Sunarti Hidayatussalam says


  25. Samar janahi says

    This should have the most views and subs and like hes an amazing person

  26. German arellano says


  27. Сделайте ещё ролик

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