Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 9: Natural disasters – Lesson 5


Knowledge Game with short answers.

– Tell Students to work with another partner to answer the following questions about general understanding.



1. Which city in Japan was struck by a huge earthquake in 1995?

2. Which country won the 1998 Tiger Cup?

3. Which explorer discovered America?

4. Which animal has one or two horns on its snout?

5. Which planet is closest to the earth?

6. Which animal in VN was chosen to be the logo of Sea Games 2003?

7. Which ASEAN country is divided into two regions by the sea?









– Remark and give marks

1. Vocabulary pre-teach:

– horn (n): (translation ): sừng

-snout (n): pointed front, above the mouth:mồm

– rhinoceros (n) (translation): tê giác

– swallow (v): make or let pass down ones throat:nuốt

– extensive (adj): large, a lot: nhiều

– tail (n) : (translation): đuôi.

* Checking technique: Spelling contest

– Divide class into two teams

* Revision of relative pronouns and clauses

– Ask them to make examples with relative clauses

Exercise 1

– Refer Students to the warm up activity. Ask them to use relative pronouns: who, which or that to answer the questions. Start with the words given like the examples:

The city which was struck by a huge earthquake in 1995 in Japan is Kobe.

– Call on some Ss to read their whole sentences

– Feedback and give correct Answers.

5. Further practice with relative clauses:

* Setting the scene “Now you write the sentences. Replace each underlined clause with a clause you have written”

– Listen and correct mistakes if necessary.

1. Redo all the exercises and copy.

2. Prepare the next lesson.

– Work in pairs

(The pair with the most correct answer will be the winner)

-Listen and repeat in chorus and individually

– Copy down

– Play games

– Give some examples to make sure that Students understand the use of relative clauses.

Read the examples carefully and work individually. Then compare their answers with a friend

– Read them loudly.

– Play games

– write down

– Listen and do the exercise individually.

– Demonstrate in the front.

– Copy down

– Listen and write the sentences.

– report in the front.

– Write down.

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