Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 4 Unit 8: What subjects do you have today – Lesson 1


Warm up

* play the game: Guessing

– Check & decide the winner.

1. Look , listen and repeat

– Have ss.

– Introduce the dialogue.

– Present the way to ask questions about school subjects. “ What subjects do…..?”

– Check some groups.

2. Point and say

– Have ss

– Give the meaning of new words.

– Do the task with a student

– Check ss

3. Listen and tick.

– Guide Ss to listen.

– Check and correct.

Reinforcement and homelink:

– Ask Ss to do A,B at home.

– Play the game:

What is it? – It is a…. (book).

– Ss draw some simple pictures about objects in the classroom. Others guess what it is.

– Look at the picture. Identify the characters.

– Look and Listen.

– Listen and repeat the dialogue twice.

– Listen and repeat. Pay attention to Maths Art Science, English, Lesson

– Listen and note down:

– Read the dialogue and check.

– Look at the picture & identify the school subjects

– Note down.

– Practice reading new words.

– Practice speaking: ss work in pair asking and answering about school subjects they have got..

– Act it out and correct.

– Look at the pictures in part 3 and dentify the school subjects. Then guess the keys.

-Listen twice and tick. Check the guess, compare with the patner.

– 3 Ss report the answers to the class, the rest of the class give comments.

– Listen and check. Retell what they hear.

– Give out and check.

– Talk about the name of the school subjects they have learnt.

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