Giáo án Tiếng Anh lớp 3 Unit 15: Do you have any toys – Lesson 3


Warm up: Jumped letters

1. Look, Listen and repeat.

Have Ss to look at the book at page 32.

Elicit the character and have Ss guess what they are saying.

Set the scene: we are going to learn new phrases

Have Ss listen to the recording as they read the lines in the speech bubbles

Play the recording again for Ss to repeat the lines in the speech bubbles two times.

Divide the class into two groups. One repeat Mai’s part and the other repeat Linda’s part.

Play the recording again for the whole class to repeat each line in the speech bubbles to reinforce their pronunciation.

– Teach vocabulary:

yo-yo ship

plane kite

Check vocab: slap the board

– Elicits the structures

Does your brother have a robot?

– Yes, he does/ No, he doesn’t.

2. Point and say

Have Ss look at the pictures on page 32

Elicit the characters in the pictures and their names. Ask Ss to guess and complete the speech bubbles.

T models/ allocates the parts of characters Mai, Quan and Nam to Ss

Ask them to act out the dialogue. Repeat the step with some other pairs for pictures

Have Ss practice acting out the dialogue in pairs, using the pictures.

Monitor the activity and offer held. Correct pronunciation errors (stress, assimilation of sounds, intonation) when necessary.

Call on some pairs to perform the task at the front of the class. The others observe and give comments.

Have the whole class repeat all the phrases in chorus to reinforce their pronunciation.

3 – Let’s talk:

Show picture and give task.

Have Ps work in pair ask and answer question about toys.

– Display in class, others comment

Listen and correct.

Have Ps practise


Summary the lesson


– Do exercises in workbook, learn by heart the new words

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