Đề kiểm tra tiếng Anh lớp 10 học kì 2 năm 2022 số 2


Đề thi tiếng Anh lớp 10 học kì 2 có đáp án

Đề thi học kì 2 tiếng Anh 10 có đáp án trên đây nằm trong bộ đề thi tiếng Anh học kì 2 lớp 10 năm 2021 – 2022 do Tìm Đáp Án sưu tầm và đăng tải. Đề kiểm tra học kì 2 tiếng Anh 10 có đáp án tổng hợp nhiều dạng bài tập tiếng Anh 10 mới khác nhau giúp các em ôn tập những kỹ năng làm bài thi hiệu quả.

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Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others. (0.5p)

1.A. mobile

B. device

C. lifestyle

D. ritual

2.A. software

B. aware

C. cigarette

D. careful

Choose the word which has a different stress pattern from that of the others: (0.5p)

3.A. concentrate

B. condition

C. confession

D. conclusion

4.A. diploma

B. division

C. digital

D. disable

Choose a suitable word/ phrase to fill in each of the sentences. (3ps)

5. A tablet is perfect for people _________ work is to draw and write.

A. who

B. Ø

C. which

D. whose

6. She said she her friend for ages.

A. didn’t

B. hadn’t seen

C. hasn’t seen

D. doesn’t see

7. After ………………….. lunch, we went for a walk by ………………… sea

A. the / the

B. Ø / Ø

C. Ø / the

D. the / Ø

8. Nam said to me that he __________ the army the following month.

A. would join

B. have joined

C. will join

D. to join

9. If I my passport, I’ll be in trouble.

A. lose

B. will lose

C. lost

D. would lose

10. Today’s top sports people receive a lot ……………… money than in the past.

A. much

B. many

C. more

D. most

11. Pain killers are much ……………… now than in the past.

A. effective

B. more effective

C. most effective

D. the more effective

12. Gender discrimination must ____ in order to create a better society.

A. eliminate

B. be eliminating

C. be eliminated

D. eliminated

13. ________is the removal or cutting down of all trees in an area for urban use and farm lands.

A. Forest

B. A forest

C. Deforestation

D. Foresting

14. Fossil fuels are ______energy sources such as coal, fuel oil and natural gas formed from dead plants and animals underground.

A. newable

B. renewable

C. unrenewable

D. non-renewable

15. Electronic devices are bad for your eyes, and ____ from electronics could harm your body and cause permanent damage.

A. wave

B. radiation

C. radiator

D. emission

16. Students use smart phones to record their phone calls, ____ they later share with the class.

A. Ø

B. that

C. which

D. whose

17. Mount Everest is ……………. mountain on the earth.

A. the tallest

B. the taller

C. tall

D. tallest

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word that is CLOSEST in meaning to the italic part in each of the following questions.(0.5p)

18. Some experts advise that student should take advantage of their smartphones to have fun and good learning results.

A. take care of

B. make use of

C. make fun of

D. take photos of

19. This year, more girls enrolled on courses in art and design.

A. avoided B. inserted

C. erased

D. enlisted

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.(0.5p)

20. She failed to get into medical university.

A. passed

B. qualified

C. didn’t succeed

D. satisfied

21. Many women had to pay a heavy price to win equality.

A. achieve

B. lose

C. attempt

D. respect

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions. (0.75p)

22. He is a(A)kind of (B) person who (C) job involves travelling (D) a lot

23. They announced that(A) he has met (B) a number of key (C) figures the day (D)


24. Works(A) writing by (B) Shakespear often have (C) an unhappy ending (D)

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D to indicate the correct response to each of the following exchanges.

Lan: “Would you rather work for a male or female boss?” Nam: “____”

A. I’ve been self-employed for five years.

B. I don’t like working under time pressure.

C. I prefer a male boss.

D. I can’t stand the women gossips.

John: “I’ve passed my final exam.” Tom: “________________”

That’s a good idea.

B. Good luck.

C. It’s nice of you to say so.

D. Congratulations!

Read the following passage and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D.

Earth is the only place we know of in the universe that can support human life. (27) _____ human activities are making the planet less fit to live on. As the western world carries on consuming two-thirds of the world’s resources while half of the world’s population do so just to stay alive we are rapidly destroying the (28) _____ resource we have by which all people can survive and prosper. Everywhere fertile soil is either built on or washed into the sea. Renewable resources are exploited so much that they will never be able to recover completely. We discharge pollutants into the atmosphere without any thought of the consequences. As a (29) _____ the planet’s ability to support people is being reduced at the very time when rising human numbers and consumption are (30) _____ increasingly heavy demands on it.

The Earth’s natural resources are there for us to use. We need food, water, air, energy, medicines, warmth, shelter and minerals to (31) _____ us fed, comfortable, healthy and active. If we are sensible in how we use the resources, they will last indefinitely. But if we use them wastefully and excessively, they will soon run out and everyone will suffer.

27. A. Although

B. Still

C. However

D. Eventually

28. A. alone

B. individual

C. lone

D. only

29. A. development

B. result

C. reaction

D. product

30. A.doing

B. having

C. taking

D. making

31. A. hold

B. maintain

C. keep

D. stay

Read the following passage and choose the best option to fill in each blank:

As computers have become powerful tools for the rapid and economic production of
pictures, computer graphics has emerged as one of the most rapidly growing fields in computer science. It is used routinely in such diverse areas as business, industry, art, government, education, research, training, and medicine. One of the initial uses of computer graphics, and ultimately its greatest use, has been as an aid to design, generally to referred to as computer-aided design (CAD). One of its greatest advantages is that designers can see how an object will look after construction and make changes freely and much more quickly than with hand drafting. For three-dimensional rendering of machine parts, engineers now rely heavily on CAD. Automobile, spacecraft, aerospace, and ship designers use CAD techniques to design vehicles and test their performance. Building designs are also created with computer graphics system. Architects can design a building lay out,create a three-dimensional model, and even go for a simulated ‘walk’ through the rooms or around the outside of the building. Business graphics is another rapidly growing area of computer graphics, where it is used to create graphs, charts, and cost models to summarize financial, statistical, mathematical, scientific, and economic data. As an educational aid, computer graphics can be used to create weather maps and cartographic materials. Computer art also has creative and commercial art applications, where it is used in advertising, publishing, and film productions, particularly for computer animation, which is achieved by a sequential process.

32. What does the passage mainly discuss?

A. Routine uses of computers B. Computer graphic applications

C. The rapidly growing field of computer science D. Computers as the architects of thefuture

33. The word “it” in line 2 refers to………………………

A. computer graphics B. computer science C. field D. computer

34. According to the passage, engineers use CAD to ……………………..

A. inspect building B. create graphs

C. make cartographic materials D. create three-dimensional models

35. According to the passage, engineers use CAD for ……………………..

A. A simulated “walk” through modal rooms B. Rendering machine parts

C. Making cost models D. Advertising products

36. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a use of computer graphic in business?

A. charts B. cost models C. graphs D. maps

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